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December 21, 2006


Don Dohler, creator of the character Projunior, an early fanzine mascot later adopted by the likes of classic undergrounders Robert Crumb & S. Clay Wilson, died of cancer at 60 years old December 2nd. He was also the founder of the highly influential amateur special effects mag Cinemagic, & directed several fun classic cheesy sci-fi monster movie zero budgeters such as ALIEN FACTOR in 1978 & NIGHTBEAST from 1982. He was a nice guy. I was fortunate enough to visit the set of his straight-to-DVD movie Vampire Sisters a couple of years ago & I told him, what with comix movie adaptations in the works lately like DANIEL CLOWES' stuff & the popularity of the ROBERT CRUMB documentary, why doesn't he resurrect Projunior & feature him in any of his upcoming horror movies? There could be renewed interest, the time is ripe! He smiled, & a little later presented me with a wonderful sketch. It's been hanging on my wall ever since (pictured above).

December 7, 2006

Here's a comic strip about "music" Rick Trembles put out in 1982 called "Fun City, The Montreal Underground (?) in: Looking For Bands." It appeared inside of an early audio-cassette alternative Montreal music compilation called Affection that The American Devices also had some music in. He was going under the name "Richard Shitblay" back then. He later reprinted it in his zine Sugar Diet in 1984. The second installment of "Fun City, The Montreal Underground (?)" in that issue of SD ended up in Robert Crumb's Weirdo Magazine. Click on the image to get the whole larger strip...

October 26, 2006


My ode to butt-play Goopy Spasms is playing again, this time as part of the local "Spasm" horror film festival & hosted by drag queens on the second floor of strip bar Café Cléopâtre in Montreal's former red light district, 1230 St-Laurent Boulevard, Thursday November 2, 9PM! Don't miss it! "Spasm's" program says my film's about a man's "dependence on anal sex," so in my defense I thought I'd clear a few things up as far as my so-called kraze for kornholing's koncerned…


Yeah, I guess you can call it an ass fetish. It's true; I do indeed worship women's asses. I can't control it. I've always been a leg man & asses happen to rest on top of legs, it's a natural extension. Asses have character, they determine how one walks, & conversely, an individual's personality will influence that walk & as a consequence how that ass gyrates. As much as I like tits too, by comparison, they just dangle there until you suck on 'em or something & the nips get hard. And after years of marveling over girls' butts I eventually discovered even more hidden treasures contained within those cheeks (assholes that can wink at you for instance) but more on that later.


Lately, in the last week or so, my animated cartoon film ode to butt-play, Goopy Spasms, has come back to haunt me in several forms so I wanted to clarify a few things about my relationship with women's anuses. Goopy Spasms will be screening yet again in Montreal, this time hosted by drag queens at their legendary hangout bar Café Cléopâtre in the old red light district for the Spasm Film Festival's "Trash Night," & the program notes describe it this way: "La confession d'un home simple concernant sa dépendence aux sexe anal." Roughly translated, it means "the confession of a simple man concerning his dependence on anal sex." Fair enough. But I'd like to suggest that's "simplifying" things a touch much. Goopy Spasms is about more than that. Like how about for example, loneliness, denial, trust, sexual dynamics in relationships, the gender bending aspects of butt-play, etc… And that "dependence" crack of theirs I must say is a little erroneous cuz to tell you the truth I've had relatively little actual anal sex in my lifetime. Why else do you think I gotta simulate some in drawings? Every time I've been lucky enough though, it's been heavenly, the stuff of dreams (literally; memories that armed me with material to jerk off to & wet-dream about for ages), but the opportunity hasn't come up nearly as often as I would've liked & anal sex is not something you can go around insisting on, it's gotta be consensual. Mind you, I've eaten mounds of ass, mostly as a form of foreplay. Countless times actually, cuz there's nothing I love better than tonguing a tight hot responsive sphincter, but as far as actually inserting my boner inside 'til ejaculating, well that's a little more complicated.


Girlfriends have told me I have a nice large cock, it's not humongous, technically it's actually average sized (pictured right: an old plaster casting of my erect cock). If they're ever inclined to comment on it they'll often say it's big & juicy, just right. Well as far as inserting such a hunk of hard flesh into an asshole is concerned, your partner simply has to be willing, they have to want it themselves, & you have to be patient. I'm sure there's girls out there that have a hankering for stuffing their butts fulla anything anytime anywhere but the ones I've gone out with never necessarily had a mania for it. They were more about clitoral stimulation. Sheesh. Cunts are where babies come from, who the hell wants to go messing around in there? Why couldn't clits've been built dangling from yer forehead or something. But once in a while I'd get offered up a handsome ass to do with whatever I pleased. I remember the very first time I had anal sex, later in my adult years mind you, I was so blown away by it that my legs went into involuntary tremors afterwards. That was something else, & I'll be forever grateful for it. After a couple of drinks she sprung it on me out of the blue thrusting her awe-inspiring naked behind up into my face asking me if I wanted some. This was after a couple of years relationship with her already by the way, & after she'd long ago seen How Did I Get So Anal, the comic-strip/slideshow (later turned into the film Goopy Spasms) about my supposed ass fixation. And there were other times with other women, even including a few failed attempts. One time, after letting me chow down on her ass every chance I could get, one girl let me try very, very slowly to insert my hard cock but wasn't sure she was ready for it & so I only got as far popping the head inside before she decided to quit & run to the can, I suspect so she could examine her asshole for damage (none detected). I didn't insist on it, she was consensual about it, it just didn't work out, that's all. And it didn't ruin our relationship, if anything; it gave me enough ammo to jerk off to for months.


So as you can see I don't have such a "dependence on anal sex" as the Spasm fest program notes suggest. I like cunt plenty, there's nothing else in the world like humping away, cock-to-cunt, with someone you're really nuts about & they're really nuts about you. When everything's mutual, & you're both on the same page, bodies seem to fit like a glove & move in unison anticipating every gesture like some sorta telepathy, both charging towards the same goal, coalescing like a pair of sweaty octopuses to reach a cunt/cock crescendo that has to be satisfied together. I like it. I miss it. I want it (gee, can you tell I'm single again?). But when I'm lonely however, like now, in this particular period of my life, I truly do become an ass fanatic in terms of jerking off. I download buttfuck loops off the web like there's no tomorrow. I collect 'em like baseball cards. Thank fuck for the internets. When I'm all by my lonesome, sure, sometimes I can start feeling really down in the dumps (sometimes even frighteningly so). I'm no spring chicken anymore; the thought can occasionally cross my mind once in a while how it's actually not that impossible I might never have another girlfriend again. For the rest of my life. Well, before I can let myself get too debilitatingly depressed over such thoughts all I gotta do is watch some starlet getting plowed in the ass by an anonymous cock & suddenly there's hope for the universe all over again. Not so much because it's gonna get me any closer to an actual real live ass, but because as I'm fucking my fist & spurting all across my belly & chest, the orgasm's acting as a cheap narcotic plain & simple. What can I say? I like to draw so I guess that makes me principally a visually oriented guy, but face it; when yer masturbating to images (I like to turn down the sound on those clips cuz I hate the phony cooing that comes with 'em) yer pretty well limited to stimulus coming in thru the eyeballs alone so that's probably why I zero in on my partiality for pried open ass-cracks. I need it ultra-hardcore to compensate for the fact that I'm staring at a flat screen, & I need it quick. I need my fix. That's why I gotta filter out the filler, cut to the chase. When I'm happily fucking a girlfriend, when I'm sexually satiated with a real live human being (& not necessarily butt-wise), this kinda smut doesn't even exist for me. Porn's got nothing to do with love. It's got to do with my stupid cock that needs to cum. The world's ugly enough as it is, what's the harm in finding a little beauty at the center of an asshole?


I don't pay for any of this shit. Are you kidding me? There's a million free clips out there posted to entice you into finally subscribing to their website promising longer, higher quality movies. But just as more & more stupid Hollywood films are giving away the full gist of their product in spoiler trailers or TV commercials, these XXX clips will often showcase the best seconds of their sex scenes, so who needs the rest of the filler? Trudging through countless clips usually listed on long web pages you have to scroll down endlessly, what I'll do is type in the words "anal ass butt asshole" into my browser toolbar & click the "highlight" function Google provides. This way I can find at a glance clips concerning my favorite topic by following the highlighted texts bypassing blowjobs, cunt, & tit. I'll watch any asshole get stuffed, as long as it's well lit & I see simple shaft slishing in & outta anonymous tight sphincter. I mean anything. Even men (or pre-op transsexuals) if it's well shot enough, preferably minus any balls and/or cock dangling from below their assholes cuz I find that's a distracting buzz-kill & it blows the fantasy, but most any insertion footage will do. The main problem with gay men clips though is that male asses just don't have that hourglass shape women possess. And that's what really drives me bonkers. Men's asses are mostly more angular & their waistlines are straighter. Gimme a gorgeous doggy-style feminine assfuck camera angle where the hourglass turns the butt-crack & waistline heart-shaped, & I'm in seventh heaven. You just don't get "heart-shapes" with guy's butts from what I can tell. But as far as close-ups of assholes fulla cock are concerned, well I suspect most every anus looks pretty much alike, whatever the gender, & a good insertion sequence is a good insertion sequence, I don't care whose ass it is. Part of my film Goopy Spasms addresses this, where I describe myself getting dressed in drag so I could prop a mirror up to my asshole & watch myself shoving things up my shit-hole to jerk off to (balls & cock tucked away). The way I see it, I was making little XXX mini-movies with the added bonus of internally ramming my prostrate with a foreign object to egg a climax along. "I chalk it up to sensory deprivation," I told Amber Goodwyn recently on her CKUT radio sex show Audio Smut. "The eighties were a bad year" (that decade being principally when my Goopy Spasms autobio material took place). I didn't get much girly action in the 80's, my comix & band got me branded as a social pariah within the "local scene" back when political correctness hysteria was just beginning to rear its ugly head. Fucken milquetoasts.


Asses are like big pillows & when you pry them open there's a special hot treat right smack in the middle. I mean, yes the rest of the body is also a marvel, but ass cheeks for me are the "comfort food" of the female physique because they're inert, bouncy, round, soft & perfectly symmetrical. In the summer, ass flesh can be cooler than the rest of the body, so you can refresh yourself on a pair of cheeks, you can mash your face into them, you can grab them, manhandle them, slap them, there's no bones protruding, & I don't think the cheeks themselves have enough nerve endings in them that they're so fragile or delicate. Then by stark contrast, by simply prying open that wonderful crack running down the center of these mounds, that perfectly balanced chasm magically connected to the spinal column that runs up in a straight arrow to your honey's blessed noggin, you encounter one of the most sensitive & controversial bull's-eyes the human body has to offer, the anus. How can anyone resist feasting on such a centrifugal whirlpool of energy? Gently tonguing the delicate wrinkles of an asshole can trigger ticklish convulsions of delight in your partner that'll drive you mad. I like latching onto a girl's breasts with my hands like a steering wheel as I'm probing the outer walls of her anus so I can guide her rump back into my face if she tries to squirm away too ticklish. Once things start getting hot & wet from sweat & natural lubrication it's time to dig inside that asshole with your tongue. Do it gradually, & then slowly build up to entire tongue insertion. I wish I had a longer tongue.


It goes without saying if yer gonna be eating ass, make sure it's clean. Wash up beforehand. My Goopy Spasms cartoon spends a great deal on sexual revulsion, principally the queasiness one can experience upon being face-to-face with a smelly orifice. These were reminiscences from youth back when such chaotic lives were being led that there wasn't as much time for outstanding teen hygiene as one would've wished, something I never bothered to point out in the film, which may have led viewers to see me as misogynistic, or downright vaginaphobic. We're also talking about the late-seventies where there wasn't nearly as much sex info readily available then as there is now. I'd even considered adding a disclaimer to the film underlining these facts, but finally I figured the thing's a slice of life, not a public service announcement, so why spell everything out. Hey, I'm sure I was no bed of roses 24/7 myself way back. But now I keep a clean cock. So keep a clean cunt. And ass. But I've often noticed, & even with the most pristine of shit-holes, as I'm happily reaming away, a vague flavorless tanginess on the tip of my tongue that's almost electric. It almost stings & it drives me bonkers with joy & curiosity. What could it be? Just another one of life's mysteries that only makes me wanna investigate further (& deeper). Maybe it's Mother Nature trying to tell us we're going against her wishes. Fuck Mother Nature. In the ass. Consensually of course. She knows she wants it. Another sweet payoff are the occasional guttural primal moans such a tongue-thrusting can emanate outta your partner. As if the building swelling pressure filling up the outer walls of her clenching asshole is involuntarily driving vocal chords to erupt, part in protest, part in flabbergastedness, part (hopefully largely) pleasure. There's nothing else in the world quite like it, & by this point I am so rock hard I'll cum inside anything. Even a cunt. So come let me share some more ass stories with you next Thursday at my next screening of Goopy Spasms.

Yours Truly, Rick Trembles.



The following is a transcript of Amber Goodwin's recent interview with me on her radio show Audio Smut aired live on CKUT October 4, 2006. We talked about Goopy Spasms among other things. Also seek out her sex-themed zine Lickety Split.

(American Devices song plays)

AMBER: Welcome back to Audio Smut. Today we're looking at pornography, our 4th show in the series on pornography, & we're talking about comix & illustration & joining us in the studio today is Rick Trembles, the infamous Rick Trembles who does a lot of animation & comix & has quite a history in this town. And that song we were just listening to was by his band American Devices called Decensortized. Hello Rick.

RICK: Hello.

AMBER: So that song is the soundtrack to your latest animation by the same name Decensortized, right?

RICK: Uh huh, same title.

AMBER: Could you describe to us what happens in that video? What that's all about?

RICK: Um (sigh), it's kind of a mishmash, but uh, but basically a woman is being pursued by military personnel & zombies, & zombie military personnel, & then she's given safe haven by a pornographer, & I don't wanna give the ending away but it's up to you to decide whether she's in better hands with the pornographer or the military zombie personnel. And then it's the end of the world. Oh I just gave the ending away. (Laughter). But stuff happens before.

AMBER: There's some interesting stuff before the end of the world & that last part you just described. I saw it on YouTube so just before we get into the thick of things maybe if people wanna check out the video for themselves while we're talking about it they can go to YouTube & search for it. So I dunno if you wanna reveal this but what were you trying to get across with this video?

RICK: Um… I don't know, I have no idea.

AMBER: Were you making any particular statement?

RICK: It's a mishmash, I gotta confess, it's a bunch of animation that I've been collecting for years & years & years & I thought I'd put it together into one little package.

SARAH (CO-HOST): So how long have you been making comix?

RICK: Um, since the late seventies. Well, as a kid since before that, but getting published since the late seventies in punk zines around Montreal.

SARAH: And how has your style evolved? Cuz it's a very distinct style.

RICK: Well I like to think it's gotten tighter. It used to be a lot more experimental. I do primarily 3 different styles, I do biographical comix, experimental comix, & my movie reviews which are in the Montreal Mirror every week, it's a hybrid column/comic strip, it's an odd duck.

AMBER: Motion Picture Purgatory.

RICK: Yup, you can see them all at my web site & there's a lot of dirty pictures floating around there too.

AMBER: So the reason that we've invited you onto the show on the pornography series is that the woman running through the video is completely naked & there's a pornographer who comes in, & also that your comix have been quite controversial. You showed me this interesting comic, what's it called, I don't have my notes on me now, it had different titles at different times…

RICK: I believe it's "How Did I Get So Anal" (AKA Goopy Spasms)?

AMBER: And it was first published in 1992?

RICK: Yeah. It was self-published, I used to put out a lot of my own zines, just go to the copy shop & staple them myself, you know, sell 'em around town & that one became kinda notorious so I thought, that's a good sign, a lot of people are talking about it, let's turn it into a slideshow. So I took the text out of the images & turned the images into a slideshow, colorized them, & I would go onstage next to the screen & sort of lecture with a broomstick, like a professor, I'd take the broomstick & aim it at various images inside the story & there was a bit of musical accompaniment too. And after that, I got tired of doing the slideshow so I thought I'd turn the slideshow into a film & that had a bit a special effects involved cuz I had to have my own live-action self narrating while an animated version of each slide picture would appear next to me.

SARAH: Could we talk a little about the content of the performance/comic so people have an idea what we're talking about?

AMBER: Definitely, do you wanna describe it Rick?

RICK: Um… no.

AMBER: Ok, well how about I describe it then. Um, so basically it seems autobiographical, you can correct me after this, & there's a male character who's often naked & he's masturbating a lot with a lot of anal play, & he's got an issue with women, or his girlfriend, not being able to go down on her, & then somehow he comes around to it. But basically there's a whole lot of tension about what is disgusting, & disgust, & a lotta sorta shit, piss, & smells going on, right?

RICK: Uh huh… I chalk it up to sensory deprivation.

AMBER: Sensory deprivation. As in; you've been sensory… sense…

RICK: Yeah I've had my periods. The eighties were a bad decade.

AMBER: Oh really, & they've let… so… was that an autobiographical statement about that time in your life?

RICK: Oh, it's a composite of a lot of different experiences, people have said they recognize themselves in there & I tend to argue against that & say oh no, no, nooo, it's a composite (snicker).

AMBER: Yeah, um, how have your partners or girlfriends, who… you say in the comic strip, I'm not sure if it's true, that they are your girlfriends in the comic, how did they react to the comic?

RICK: Uh, well people who claim they recognize themselves in there have given me their blessings cuz they said it was the strongest work I've ever done.

AMBER: Oh yeah?

RICK: Uh huh.

AMBER: It's quite an impressive comic, it's six pages long I believe, & pretty intense, I have to say each panel is full on, like lots of close-ups of stuff. How did you react to this Sarah?

SARAH: Yeah I called Amber this morning cuz I was looking at it & what I found really interesting, Rick, was that I'm used to looking at images that involve sex that are trying to entice us in, trying to be sexy all the time...

RICK: Titillation.

SARAH: ...And I found your images to be gross, but I know that you were doing that on purpose. When I say gross, I felt like what I felt was great about them was I was looking at them & I was drawn in but I was like, these are kind of disgusting images, you know what I mean?

RICK: Well number one, uh, I can't draw titillation. I wish I could.

SARAH: It's hard isn't it?

RICK: It's hard to do, I'm not a portrait artist, & I'm trying to get a story across. The story was number one. And also to get some laughs going cuz I believe comics should be comical. Whether it's at my expense or not, whether you're laughing at me or with me (laughs). Laugh-getting is the number one priority. So, I mean, was it funny?

SARAH: It was very funny but what I also found was it was very human, right? It was very humanizing, & so you were able to… like I think one great thing about porn but also one downfall is that it's a lot of fantasy, right? And so probably a lot of people find that intimidating.

RICK: The fantasy?

SARAH: They feel they can't live up to being a pornographic image.

RICK: Well you're not going to be able to masturbate to my work; it's not intended for that.

SARAH: Well, maybe somebody could. You know, maybe someone would.

RICK: I would like to think that people might at least, um, someone with with the same issues might be able to relate to it & go; hey I'm not the only one.

SARAH: Yeah & I think people probably would be able to.

RICK: Well that's good.

AMBER: So it is an autobiographical comic?

RICK: It's all taken from autobiographical experiences but as I said it's a mishmash & it's a composite.

AMBER: So you mentioned to me in an email, & I dunno if that counts as a mention but whatever, that somehow there's a smear campaign that happened during the production of the film version of this comic, that somehow implicated the CBC of all things. So what the heck happened?

RICK: I actually got a grant to make a movie version of this thing.

AMBER: (Laughs) That's fantastic.

RICK: Yeah everybody else thought so to, except for this crew that came for the CBC news, who basically ambushed me, because I thought… everything led up to… um, I thought it was gonna be one these techy little "how animation is done" type interviews & they were gonna film me animating, I was all prepared, I had some drawings there to make it look like I'm working & everything (laughter). And all of a sudden, the interviewer starts asking me about, um, how the money could've been better spent on hospitals & such, & right away my heart sank. I just went, uh oh, I've been ambushed. There's nothing I can do, it's in the middle of filming, you know? And so it went on & on like that, & the next thing I know about a week later it's airing & the whole ad campaign is about how shocking art is getting grants, you know, "you might not be aware of this, but this is where your money's going," & I was put in with 2 other artists doing some experimental work, one was deconstructing language with performance art, kinda spoken word stuff, they have her spouting off gibberish, which looked kinda interesting actually, but the way they cut it, it made it look completely ridiculous, & another woman was making documentaries about how people are at the moment they fall asleep, so what you're getting is people falling asleep on camera. You know she got a nice grant for that, I believe they got way more money than I did, by the way, for their projects. But then they cut to me talking about sticking my finger up my ass & jerking off & stuff like that & showing dirty pictures & saying the money should've been better spent elsewhere. Great. It got a lot of responses. Back then it was on CBC & you were able to have a talk-back commentary the next day, people phoned in & they were shocked at this coverage, they said it smacked of right wing U.S. style conservatism, blah, blah, blah…

AMBER: So they were sort of coming to your rescue, or the artist's rescue in a way...

RICK: Some of them. But they were trying to be "balanced" with the comments they air from viewers & some other person said the art "was complete drivel, I can't believe my money is being spent on that," & this was aired during dinnertime.

AMBER: Crazy, so did they show close-ups of fingers up asses & poo?

RICK: Um, more or less. (Laughs), they made someone from the Canada Council (grant commission) read some of the comix, some of the dirtier excerpts, & the woman, I'm not sure exactly what her function was there, I guess she was PR, or representative of the Council, & the interviewer asked her what she thought of this, & she said "pretty slurpy." (Giggle).

AMBER: Pretty slurpy?

RICK: Trying to be apologetic, you know, over what they just gave money to. So I have that in my collection of blurbs for sure; "Pretty slurpy" -Canada Council.

SARAH: Slurpy is a really interesting word.

AMBER: Slurpy? It kinda makes sense in relation to your comix too, like your drawing style is interesting too, there's a lot of geometric shapes going on, & like bright colors & sharp lines & when things are supposed to be wet they have like little tear shapes coming out of them, or you see, you know, smell lines come from poo, or from an orifice…

RICK: Well it's like a shorthand, they're like hieroglyphics, they're all icons, you know. Like I said my drawing ability's kinda limited so I'm just trying to put across a story with very um… iconic images.

AMBER: So how does your work as a comic artist relate to your work as a musician in the American Devices?

RICK: Well as I said, the slideshow version of How Did I Get So Anal was accompanied with music, & when I finally did the film version I asked my band to provide the music for it & another band I was in at the time doing improv type stuff, so it just happens to be available & we use it, so um… the film version is called Goopy Spasms by the way, different title if anyone wants to seek it out.

AMBER: How can they seek it out?

RICK: Well we're looking for distribution right now but it's been doing festivals, it's been going around the world actually. I won an award for most offensive short from the Boston Underground Film Festival.

SARAH: Congratulations.

RICK: Thank you. First award I've ever won. They gave me this beautiful Academy Award sized sculpted bunny with evil red eyes, it's great (pictured right).

AMBER: Are you serious?

RICK: And when you pick it up, it vibrates, they have a vibrating battery powered mechanism inside, I always ask people to pick it up when I'm at my place, & they almost wanna drop it when it starts vibrating like a dildo.

AMBER: That's not so bad, yeah, I think the Academy Award's a little bit boring next to the Bunny.

SARAH: Yeah they should at least have vibrating awards.

RICK: They're both pretty phallic-looking.

AMBER: Yeah, the Academy Award I must say looks very insertable. You know? All ready to go.

RICK: You asked me about the music angle, yeah they go hand in hand, for sure, especially with the Decensortized animation on YouTube, everything's timed to the music for sure, & there's lip-syncing right? So…

AMBER: Definitely. Oh Sarah, you wanted to ask about a couple of symbols in the video…

SARAH: Oh, yeah at several points there's this purple circle that changes into…

RICK: Oh the orb, ok…

SARAH: With lotsa shapes, it seems to be spongy, & it goes in & out…

RICK: Bad things happen whenever that pops up.

SARAH: Oh… it's the omen, it's the bad things.

RICK: (Laughs), that's all it is, it's just an excuse to have a metamorphosing orb cuz I like that kinda stuff.

SARAH: Yeah it adds something.

RICK: And I gotta say something about nudity too, um… it's easier to draw than people with clothes on.

AMBER: But it also relates very heavily to your theme though, right? Like it's about a pornographer at one point right? There's a video camera set up, & this crazy guy, & this woman chained to a bed…

RICK: When I wrote that segment of it I was heavily influenced by David Cronenberg's Videodrome, & some of that even shows up in Goopy Spasms when uh, when you see the character poking at the screen & it's this big puckering anus, & the live-action character, what's onscreen is animated but the live broomstick pokes the actual flesh inside of the screen. I dunno if you're familiar with Videodrome but um, Debbie Harry's lips start bursting outta the TV set & the character starts kissing the TV set & goes into it & starts having sex in this crazy hallucinatory realm, & it's all about sort of um, sadomasochistic imagery triggering tumors in the brain that start spawning more hallucinations & all that. It's an amazing film & I freaked over that film for many years after it came out, & it was a total flop by the way when it first came out, now it's considered a classic. Andy Warhol called it "the Clockwork Orange of the eighties."

AMBER: I was gonna ask you also about your animation style, are they hand-drawn cells? Or is it video animation?

RICK: They're all traditionally animated on paper, I have a classic animation table with the peg-bars & everything & that's how I do it. I have done cell animation but it's so cumbersome, & digital just wiped it all out & I'm glad cuz it cost so much & it was so cumbersome. The scanner becomes the camera, you just scan it in & it goes to a special software that simulates an animation camera & it collects all the images in sequence & then you can just cut & paste the images & put them where you want, & it animates them for you.

AMBER: Very cool. Sarah do you have anything else you'd like to say?

SARAH: None of your characters really have hair.

RICK: Hair is hard to draw. Almost as hard as clothes.

AMBER: In your comic How Did I Get So Anal, there's an issue about hair too, about making sure the girl is shaved because it's easier to see everything?

RICK: Yeah… I was probably making excuses so I could not have to draw pubic hair. (Laughter). But I mean, you know, everybody shaves now, I mean you don't see bushy muffs in porn anymore anywhere, I mean, I dunno how many people out there in public are all bushy these days but, I mean as far as women are concerned, I haven't dated a woman that's been bushy in decades.

AMBER: Well, there's still those of us out there.

RICK: It's making a comeback I hear.

AMBER: And if anybody does wanna see hair, they can go to

RICK: It's true, why do you think in porn you don't get the bushy muffs?

AMBER: Well personally… whatever…

RICK: It's probably so you can see more.

AMBER: I think it's that & also, totally it's aesthetic, I sometimes shave, I sometimes don't personally, but I think in terms of mainstream porn a lot of the women are made to look the same, sort of cartoony, a little more infantilized. I mean not that everyone who shaves is trying to look that way, I think there's definitely an aesthetic choice, especially, you know, how things feel, & um, you know…

RICK: I remember speaking to someone who knew a bit about the porn industry & I was saying how all these boob jobs are kinda hideous that you see everywhere, & I hope they don't start having butt jobs because, you know, hard foam looking butts would be just terrible, & he said oh they're already doing facelifts on butts, but what a lot of porn stars do is they bleach their assholes so that the flesh is perfectly just as pink as the rest of their cheeks, it's a big thing now in porn apparently.

AMBER: Interesting, I did not know that.

RICK: So not only does everybody shave themselves so you could see more but they're bleaching the flesh so you can see even more.

AMBER: Also a lot of women, um, I dunno if a lot is the right term, but women are more recently having plastic surgery um, done to their vulvas so that their inner lips or labia, minora, are smaller & prettier looking.

RICK: This is for porn specifically?

AMBER: I dunno, I think it has a lot to do with porn, I think women in porn have definitely done it, I think that just also regular women are having that done also. This is something you always hear about happening in the States, it's probably happened in Canada several times. But anyway, thanks so much Rick for coming by to the studio.

RICK: Thanks for asking.

SARAH: I think you should do some more of your live performances in Montreal of your slideshow. Let us know if you do.

AMBER: The next Lickety Split launch is gonna be happening soon & we're looking for performances.

RICK: Or screen the film.

For more crucial info on ass-play buy anal sex guru Tristan Taormino's definitive book on the topic: The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. She's Thomas (Gravity's Rainbow) Pynchon's niece!

October 19, 2006

DEVICES with THE FLAPS @ PLAYHOUSE (5656 Parc Ave) THIS SATURDAY OCTOBER 21! (Click image below to see larger sized hand-drawn Rick Trembles poster)!

American Devices are playing with psychedelic/surf instrumental band The Flaps this Saturday October 21 at Playhouse (5656 Parc Ave). Come check it out if yer in the vicinity! Flaps're calling it their official Montreal CD launch. Their excellent 13-song CD is self-titled & released by Kelp Records. It'll be an early show, doors opening at 8 PM, because both bands have to be finished by 11:30 for Playhouse's psychedelic/garage dance night DJ. When we told The Flaps that Playhouse was a former strip bar & it still looks like it, they went "all right, that's right up our alley" cuz they dig Russ Meyer flicks so much. Devices are playing first to fulfill a show-swap (since The Flaps opened up for them in Ottawa a few weeks ago). Devices will have their new (also self-titled) CD release for sale at the merch tables, along with t-shirts, & buttons hot off the button-making-machine!

Yes, for the first time ever The Devices have buttons for sale. The design's identical to the CD cover (pictured in color at the top of this page). Come & get one at our show this Saturday. Only 2 bucks each! Also, Rick Trembles has just finished the first in a series of 3-D sculpted castings of the front cover emblem design of The Devices CD, pictured at right. Click on the image to see a larger color version. We are calling this new mascot of ours "Speedbump." These puppies are a little more expensive than our other merchandise however, because they take so long to make. They're made of hardened liquid latex poured into molded negatives of an original sculpture but because of the thickness required, the latex takes about a week to dry! Additionally, each "hair" (made of thin metal wire) is punctured by hand & painted black. We think 30 dollars is a fair price for "Speedbump." "Speedbump" is 3 & a half inches tall & not recommended for internal use. Advance orders are now being taken. Email us through this website. Special once in a lifetime deal: Get a CD, T-shirt, button, & "Speedbump" action figure for only 55 bucks!

Check it out: There's a new Rick Trembles interview at .Net Magazine

September 28, 2006


American Devices are playing with Ottawa psychedelic/surf instrumental band The Flaps this Saturday September 30th at Irene's in Ottawa (885 Bank Street). Come check it out if yer in the vicinity! We're calling it our official Ottawa CD launch. While yer at it, check out this crazy hand-drawn Pete Frame-style band tree genealogy I made about the history of my band dating back to the seventies! Ouch!

August 31, 2006


American Devices are opening up for Pennsylvania band An Albatross next Tuesday, September 5th at Sala Rossa, 4848 St-Laurent. Also on the bill will be locals The Expectorated Sequence who call what they do "screamo." We'll be selling our brand new CDs there & we just printed up a bunch of gorgeous t-shirts with the CD cover design on it (pictured at the top of this web-page), so come buy some merch off us! If you can't make it to the show & you still want a shirt, contact me thru this website. They're 15 bucks. I wore mine outside for the first time today & got lotsa subtle double takes! Fun!

August 24, 2006


It's finally here! The long-awaited very first factory-made CD of American Devices material in 25 years! Includes a selection of 22 killer songs chosen by Grenadine Records & the band culled from the massive EXTREMELY limited edition homemade CDR box set sold last December (only 25 copies were made). The original tape recordings were dug up & cleaned for this new release. Inside are tunes spanning 1980 to the present, a 12-page booklet by yours truly detailing the band's secret origins crammed with photos, full color foldout poster of current members, & a brain-bending foldout genealogy tracking Devices milieu dating as far back as the 70's! We're launching this baby August 29 at Barfly (4062A St-Laurent) with original D-Vices founder Phil N's new band The Sacramentos. Judging from some insanely intense demos passed on to me recently, they sound like a cross between Aids Wolf, Captain Beefheart, & The New York Dolls of all things! Do NOT miss them. And come buy our CD at the show or else go to Grenadine Records & pick up a copy online! (Pictured right: Devices circa 1980. Clockwise; Cups Von Helm, Rick Trembles, Rob Labelle, Suzy Joseph).

To celebrate this momentous event (& to give you a taste of the kind of music contained within the CD) I offer you my latest short animated film, a Devices music video entitled Decensortized that actually premiered at this summer's Fantasia Film Festival. The following never-before-seen version however has been tweaked with some extra added animation. Naturally the file is compressed to make it reasonably easy to download online, so if anyone's interested in pristine broadcast-quality copies, that can be arranged. Contact me through this website. Enjoy!


if you have any problems watching it here, go see it at this Youtube page.

July 13, 2006


Come see my BRAND NEW fully 2-D animated film Decensortized this weekend as part of Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival! I slaved over this project for many moons but most especially for the past month working day and night nonstop to meet my deadline. I finally made it in time & handed in my work this week. For anyone who's ever tried it, I don't have to remind you that animation can be one monotonous bitch, but even more so when using outdated computer equipment. You see, my licensed software does the trick, but it was bought in 1999 & won't work on anything higher than Windoze 98. And here's the clincher: the software uses a Windoze NINETY-FIVE platform! That meant crasheroo upon crasheroo. And the damn company vanished without warning in 2000, so good-bye support! Argh!

Yes, this was quite the adventure. Stress-wise, the whole ordeal must've shaved off a good 5 years of my life & I'm glad the room I was working in had air-conditioning cuz that meant the windows were shut & nobody could hear me cursing repeatedly at the top of my lungs! But it's done & now I can breath a sigh of relief. Hope you like it. The animation is over music to THE AMERICAN DEVICES' upcoming CD from Grenadine Records (due out any day now). Here's the synopsis I provided for the fest catalog (but for some reason they went ahead with something someone else wrote):

DECENSORTIZED (Length: 4:15): Ghouls chase a woman through a militarized zone into the arms of a pornographer who offers her safe haven, but for a price. Will the authorities succeed in rescuing her from her predicament or prove even more hazardous to her health? In this third & final installment of his sex-themed animation trilogy exploring the dynamics of shame & revulsion (following 2004's "Goopy Spasms" & 2005's "Expletive Deleted" AKA "God's Cocksuckers"), Rick Trembles provides his own musical accompaniment, lyrics, & vocals to this disturbing contemplation on the dubious nature of punitive endings.

Decensortized will be showing with a bunch of other shorts at the Small Gauge Trauma screening this Friday July 14th at 5 PM in the Hall Theatre at Concordia University. Let me know what you think face-to-face cuz I'll be there too!

Click HERE to listen to the song from the animation (2.89 MB).

June 15, 2006


Check out NYC musician & cartoonist Abby Denson's comic book launch this weekend in Montreal. The American Devices played with her band Mz Packman at the CBGBs launch of Danny Hellman's own Legal Action Comix a few years back. Here's from her press release: "On Saturday June 17, New York based cartoonist Abby Denson will be signing her graphic novel, Tough Love: High School Confidential. Tough Love is a teen romance and coming-out story about a shy boy named Brian. Inspired by Japanese manga, but more realistic, this story centers on the relationships Brian develops with Chris, the boy he likes, and Julie, the girl who befriends him. Serious issues like gay bashing, suicidal thoughts, and coming to terms with one's own sexual identity are depicted with an honest, gentle touch. It also has kung-fu fighting action!" 3pm at Librairie Millenium, 451 Marie-Anne est (514-284-0358)!

May 18, 2006


Come see Rick Trembles' band THE AMERICAN DEVICES "semi-unplugged" (electric as usual but with hollow-body stand-up bass), Thursday May 18 at ANDY BROWN'S CONUNDRUM PRESS 10 year anniversary party at the MAINLINE THEATRE, 3997 St-Laurent! Also, come see the band the following week, Wednesday May 24 at Zoobizarre, 6388 St-Hubert street (corner of Beaubien), opening for OLD TIME RELIJUN & THE UNGH! For more information visit the Devices on MySpace! We like to play.

May 11, 2006


Wanna see my animated film Goopy Spasms this weekend, the official BUNNY award winner for "most effectively offensive short" at the BOSTON UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL, & also based on a comic strip I did around the same time as ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL was drawn by cartoonist/screenwriter Daniel Clowes (this week's Motion Picture Purgatory movie review)? Well then head on over to MUFF, that's M-U-F-F, the first MONTREAL UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL, this weekend. It's on with a bunch of other shorts Friday at 10:30 & Saturday at 9:45. Let me know what you think face-to-face cuz I'll be there too!

April 20, 2006


Believe it or not, after 25 years THE AMERICAN DEVICES have finally signed to a label. In a few months Grenadine Records will be releasing a cram-packed CD full of our best recordings chronologically spanning the decades from our inception in 1980 to the present. Master recordings & CD art have been delivered. We're very excited about this & will be playing many dates around town & outside Montreal in order to promote the release. So we can start networking, I set up a MySpace page for the band where you can also sample songs & get more info on upcoming shows. Check in often for news. If you have a MySpace page too, go to our page to get added on! Click here: Devices MySpace

March 16, 2006


Come see my band The American Devices live this Saturday March 18th at Zoobizarre, 6388 St-Hubert street (corner of Beaubien) where we'll be opening up for brand new band Crow Face which includes members Marc Montanchez (Megalo, Steak 72, Son Ido), Mauro Pezzente (Godspeed You Black Emperor), & Martin Lavallée (Panopticon Eyelids). They call themselves "basement rock" & Marc says don't expect "large scale post rock" cuz of the Godspeed connection tho cuz he says they're more like "loud electric guitar dron-ey riff rock." Whatever the hell all that is, I WANT SOME! Only five goddamn bucks! Come one, come all!

March 2, 2006


Yeah, you heard what I said. Exclusive "skinterview" with Rick Trembles by Cinema Sewer's Robin Bougie at And how can you read for free this exclusive "skinterview" with Rick Trembles by Cinema Sewer's Robin Bougie at By clicking HERE. Yer welcome.

February 9, 2006


Crackpot leader & former American Devices member Chris Burns recently suffered a devastating apartment fire on Park Avenue near Bernard. Everything's a total loss. Apparently he was taking a crap getting ready to go out with his girlfriend when he heard an earth-shattering kaboom. His first reflex was to pick up all the stuff that had gone flying off his shelves, but once he smelled & saw smoke they both vamoosed out the back quick. Turns out there was a huge explosion in the ground floor secondhand appliance store which set the whole building on fire. Chris suggests that if he hadn't stalled to take a shit they might've been going down the stairs the moment the explosion occurred & both been blown up! Another tenant claims he smelled gasoline just before it happened. Luckily Chris had left his guitar at the band's rehearsal space, the same instrument he's been bashing around for a million years (& helped write & record several Devices tunes with). But everything else is gone. His massive record collection, computer, tons of books, even 80 bucks he left on the kitchen table. And this man was a bigger pack-rat than me, saving every audiocassette recording of every obscure local band jam or live show of interest he could get his hands on! There's gonna be a benefit for him this Thursday night February 9 at Sala Rosa (4848 St-Laurent, corner of St-Joseph) with my band The American Devices, Bionic, Starvin Hungry, Murray Street Band & more. For fun Chris will be playing live with The Devices on-stage just like old times. Come help get him back on his feet by rockin' out with him. More info (& a beautiful new Billy Mavreas poster for the show) posted HERE. Initial responses HERE

January 5, 2006

AMERICAN DEVICES LIVE AT AIDS WOLF CD LAUNCH! (Handsome poster below by Billy Mavreas)!

Come see my band The American Devices live this Saturday January 7th at La Sala Rosa (4848 St-Laurent, corner of St-Joseph), celebrating the launch of AIDS Wolf's debut CD, THE LOVVERS LP (out on Lovepump United / Skin Graft records this month). Along with AIDS Wolf, we'll be playing with Providence Rhode Island's Athletic Automaton (ex-Arab on Radar) & Cobra Noir (plus Johnson Cummins & Toronto's Mikey Apples DJing). Admission is pay-what-you-can (suggested price $7) & doors open at 9pm! Devices go on at 9:45. Show up early if you want to be sure to get in cuz several bands are playing on the floor rather than onstage & capacity is limited.

Click HERE to listen to what Athletic Automaton sound like & click HERE to sample some AIDS Wolf. They all sound nutz! This is gonna be a killer show so don't miss it!

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